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Higher educated nurses and midwifes hold key positions in healthcare and face the challenge of offering the best possible care to each individual. Yet demographic and social developments as well as medical and technological evolvements result in important questions for the future of care. These developments stress the need for prevention, innovative models of care, more efficiency in care and ethical reflection. Furthermore, care will become increasingly individual, long term, extramural and focused upon quality of life. This requires specific competences.

In order to maximise their professionalism and their leading role in healthcare, it is essential that nurses and midwifes are well prepared to offer innovative and scientifically based care to meet the demands of care in the future. Scientific research and academic education will indispensably contribute to their expertise and leadership. In addition, innovation in care requires interaction between research and practice, enabling nurses and midwifes to collaborate in an interdisciplinary and cross-border mode.



ACNM aspires to be a leading scientific centre that maximises the quality of nursing and midwifery care. ACNM aims at higher educated nurses and midwifes as key players in high quality and evidence based care.

ACNM considers professionalism, cooperation with other disciplines, care and policy organisations, training centres, patient organisations and professional and academic organisations to be crucial elements to achieve its mission. ACNM stands for respect for the individual, expertise, integrity, transparency and teamwork with all activities in line with this mission.  



In order to realise its mission, ACNM organises high quality academic education for nurses and midwifes. In a substantively strong ledger and master program for Nursing and Midwifery, nurses and midwifes can develop the fundamental competences needed to take up their role as academically trained care workers, managers, trainers or scientists in a climate where care is rapidly evolving. Based upon its expertise, ACNM also supports master programs for other professionals and scientists in the area of healthcare, and contributes substantially to the training of doctoral students through the guidance of young scientists and active participation to the Doctoral School of Biomedical Sciences. In addition, ACNM yearly offers a renowned program Life Long Learning. Current themes and new evidence are shared with care professionals by means of seminars, courses and debates.


ACNM carries out leading research around the development and testing of care interventions, the optimisation of healthcare organisation at micro and meso levels, the implementation of effective interventions, care ethical aspects and nursing and midwifery care. By making efforts to improve processes of care and outcomes for different target groups and within various healthcare sectors, its research will be instrumental to individuality, effectiveness, accessibility, timeliness, safety and efficiency of high quality care. Moreover, ACNM strives to translate results of research into tangible recommendations for the improvement of clinical practice. ACNM seeks to lead the social debates concerning future care, and strongly invests in the development of leadership in care.

Service to society

In the context of service to society, ACNM builds a network for clinical leadership. In addition all staff members are actively involved in the functioning of government institutions, patient organisations, care organisations, professional organisations, relevant committees and advisory boards and policy organisations on regional, national and international level. ACNM further motivates its personnel to be actively linked to care provision in order to stimulate the interaction between research, education and practical experience.